Anti-Gravity T-Shirt

anti-gravity t-shirt

Homeschooling science has never been easier. Ever wonder how to teach the concept of gravity to your child? If a lesson about the bending of linear space given the amount of mass in an object causes his eyes to glaze over, give him this clever T-Shirt and he will never forget. He might even become the next Dr. Moreau!

In actuality, this T-Shirt gives the blueprints for an easy do-it-yourself home experiment. The design is a cat in mid-air with a slice of buttered toast tied to her back, butter-side up of-course. Start with the constants: cats always land on their feet and dropped toast always lands butter-side down. Since neither can happen at the same time, the idea is that the cat will spin mid-air in a quantum conundrum. Don’t worry that this is really an experiment for the theory of anti-gravity, just start with this and work backwards.

Size: S-3XL
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Price: $30.31

Now we’re doing science! Get your Anti-Gravity T-Shirt here.


  1. Am I the only one who thinks this shit is hilarious?

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