Free Tibet T-Shirt

Free Tibet T-Shirt

Step right up ladies and gentlemen and feast your eyes on the magnificent Free Tibet T-Shirt.

Yes, you can have your very own Tibet absolutely free (with purchase)! Don’t settle for inferior goods like Nepal or Mongolia! Your free Tibet comes complete with snow-capped mountains (snow not guaranteed), monasteries, your own personal Sherpa, a lost valley containing an incredibly advanced civilization (map to lost valley not included), detailed directions to attaining Nirvana, all the yak butter tea you can drink — which, admittedly, is probably not a lot — and a llama dolly! Wait, what?

Manufacturer refuses to accept any responsibility if the Chinese military suddenly starts following you around and beating the snot out of you at random intervals. If this occurs, call your local United Nations office and request help. They’ll get back to you. Eventually.

Colors: Navy
Sizes: Small, medium, large, XL, XXL, XXXL
Price: $20

Don’t wait! Act now, supplies are limited*! (*Not really.)
Get your Free Tibet T-Shirt here.


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