Nightmare On Sesame Street T-Shirt

Nightmare On Sesame Street T-Shirt

The furry patrons of Sesame Street have been having some pretty dark dreams lately. It looks like Freddy knows how to get to Sesame Street, checkout the Nightmare On Sesame Street T-Shirt and it turns out he’s not a big fan of “Follow That Bird.” While Bert and Ernie find comfort in each other’s arms, and Oscar mans up and prepares to protect a street he doesn’t even like, Elmo’s world comes to a quick and bloody end. “One stab…two stab…three stabs…Three stabs! ha ha ha ha ha”

Whether you loved or hated Sesame Street as a child, this dark homage to both daytime television and a horror icon is a must-have for any t-shirt fan that’s looking to make a statement. Maybe you feel like CGI effects and graphic violence are figuratively killing more traditional TV and cinema mediums…or maybe you just hate puppets and literally want to see them killed. We’re not judging – we just review the t-shirts. It may just be the perfect cotton expression of your angst.

Color: Black
Sizes: S-4XL
Price: $14.99

Wear it on a bad day, a Monday, Halloween, or to your cousin’s 5th birthday party – it’s just that versatile! Get Your Nightmare On Sesame Street T-Shirt here.


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