PAWS T-Shirt

PAWS T-Shirt

Today we feature an awesome Jaws movie parody, the PAWS T-Shirt. It really nails the look and feel of the original Jaws movie poster from 1975. While most people will likely enjoy the design, I think cat owners will appreciate this just a little more than most. They know that cats are natural born predators, not unlike a great white shark. Most of us are probably also familiar with the image of a cat dipping it’s paw into a pond or fish bowl in an attempt to snag a fresh, fishy snack.

Size: S-3XL
Color: Choose
Price: $29.06

The design is beautiful, wonderfully stylized and is a great example of use of color, light and shading. As standard from Red Bubble, it’s printed on 100% cotton American Apparel goodness, and available in cuts to suit both men and women. Get your PAWS T-Shirt here.


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