Zakhaev International Airport T-Shirt

Zakhaev International Airport T-Shirt

Do you like video games? And T-Shirts? Me too! How about video game inspired t-shirts? What a coincidence, that is exactly what we are featuring today!
Let me introduce you to Insert Coin Clothing, a group of self-described avid gamers, hardcore designers, eagle-eyed fashionistas and seasoned writers, who started their own line of video game inspired clothing designs when they realised that gaming fashion left a lot to be desired.
What Insert Coin do differently to most video game clothing designers is keep their designs subtle and stylish. You won’t find anything over the top. In fact you’ll probably find that only other hardcore gamers will actually be able to pick which games inspired the designs.
If you’re having trouble picking the game that inspired the design featuring above, you may not be a huge Call of Duty fan. In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Zakhaev International Airport is the setting for the single-player mission “No Russian”, the multiplayer map Terminal, and a Spec Ops mission also named “Terminal”.
It’s the single player mission that got a lot of media attention around the time the game was released, due to the fact that the level starts with you witnessing the murder of dozens of civilians by a terrorist group. Now, if there is a better recipe for a media feeding frenzy than Terrorists + Airport + Video Game Violence, I’m yet to find it. There were calls for the game to be pulled from stores, boycotts, public outcry etc…
But now, thanks to Insert Coin, you have an awesome souvenir to remind you of your time at Zakhaev International Airport! And maybe a subtle way of rubbing it in the face of those who sought to have the game banned.
The design is sharp and well-printed. The t-shirt is soft and fits very comfortably. In a nutshell  it’s a high quality t-shirt that will last. You can really tell these guys care about producing high quality, stylin’ tees.
Size: S-3XL
Color: Black
Price: $30.00 + Free Worldwide delivery!
Never forget the Zakhaev International Airport massacre! Get your Zakhaev International Airport T-Shirt here.
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